Tuesday 1 July 2014

Consultation on Alternative energy for Manipur held

The Imphal Free Press, 17 June 2014
IMPHAL, June 16: The Centre for Research and Advocacy, Manipur has jointly held a consultation on Alternative Energy at June 16 at Manipur Press Club along with Citizen’s Concern for Dam and Development (CCDD), Committee on Protection of Natural Resources in Manipur (CPNRM), Mapithel Dam Affected Villages Organisation (MDAVO), All Loktak Lake Fishermen Union Manipur (ALLAFUM) and United Voluntary Youth Centre (UVYC). The consultation was held to dwell on the scope and limitations of the alternative energy in Manipur.
The speakers in the consultation were Dr RK Ranjan-chairperson of CCDD, Manglem-director of MANIREDA, Rupachandra Yumnam-Editor of Impact TV and O. Rajen-Secretary of ALLAFUM and the key note address was presented by Joseph Hmar-Secretary of CCDD.
Dr RK Ranjan said that it is necessary to understand the requirement of energy, existing energy quantum and its management in the state, its uses by the privatized agency and encourage the use alternative energy which is reliable and convenient and further compares the efficiency of micro-hydel and solar energy and expressed limitation over solar energy in terms of its inefficiency and harmful effects in the environment.
Director of MANIREDA-Manglem dwelled on the uses and limitation of solar, wind and micro-hydel energy and expressed the reliability and convenience of hydro potential. Rupachandra Yumnam-Editor of Impact TV explained the energy resource and environmental crisis has resulted due to the increasing population and the human desire and the crisis can be met with the intervention of both by the public as well as the government and the decision makers.
O Rajen-secretary, ALLAFUM further stated that limitation over the 105 MW Loktak project which has caused the loss of 83,450 hectares of agricultural land and livelihood of fishermen and expressed the necessity of an alternative-renewable energy such as solar, wind and micro-hydel which are environmental friendly, it said.
During the consultation resolution to encourage to consider convenient and reliable alternative energy, discourage the mega dams which are affecting the ecosystem, judicial existing power resource, encourage eco-friendly and people friendly power supply and responsible consumption of energy by the public were taken up, it said.

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